Monday, 22 February 2016


AAP Punjab | Is it safe for women to travel alone in Delhi?

There are endless numbers of threats being faced by women of Delhi, and that is why women’s safety in Delhi has been in the news ever since AAP government came to power. While Kejriwal talked much about providing safety for women; eve-teasing, assault, molestation and most seriously rape cases in the Capital city have increased in the past one year.
When women don’t feel safe even in their own streets, what to talk about public places and public transport of Delhi, as it has become the terrain of the huntsman. Every single moment women of Delhi has to fight their way to a basic life with dignity. Many women have expressed their concerns about traveling alone in Delhi; many more have opted not to move out of their homes. Delhi transport, as once promised by Kejriwal, fails to provide any CCTV cameras and marshals deployed.

Kejriwal, a Hypocrite
We should confront the horrid truth that Kejriwal is a hypocrite, as is the one who supported and even provided assistance to the killer and rapist of Nirbhaya in setting up of a tailoring shop. Mortal Nirbhaya gang-rape saw an outburst on the streets of Delhi – protests decrying the fragile status of women in the National capital.
Kejriwal, at that time had promised to deploy 10,000 Home guards and Marshalls for women security in buses of Capital city but not even a single Home guard has been engaged by Delhi government till date while many women continue to be molested in Delhi.
How can Kejriwal assure women of Delhi about their safety when women are not safe in his own Aam Aadmi Party? AAP women wing woman leader, Amandeep Kaur, had to resign from the party charging the male leaders of the party making her fake pictures viral on social media.
  • “Every single day in Delhi, a young girl is being trafficked into flesh trade by wither her poor parents or by the kidnappers”, NGO working with women official said.
  • “Twice or thrice in a week, cases of Acid attacks on women in Delhi come to our notice”, another Official from Stop Acid Attack says.
This is the time for women of Delhi to stand bravely by each other and demolish the AAP, which just talked lofty about women empowerment and women safety but have failed badly during the reality check.
“Women of Delhi definitely want Delhi to be safer place for themselves as well as their friends and daughters”

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AAP Punjab | Delhi’s Free water – Reality

Now that Aam Aadmi Party is going to complete its one year in governing Delhi, it was not time-consuming to write about their broken promises and outright U-turns, as there is no work done at all.
Like Greek saying “to win a person’s heart, serve him the aromatic savory of his choice”, same is what Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party applied during its campaign – that promises win elections and hearts. But, it forgot the basic principle; to not keep promises loses you the next election.
Now, Delhi government has come up with a solution to cover up for its failures – one is to blame its opponents making wild accusations and second making people of Delhi fool by diverting their attention to other pity issues. Kejriwal distracted the public and his opponents from his U-turns with daily dose of new discussions in media or social media and claimed himself as ‘victim’ whenever countered by his opponents.
Providing people of Delhi, Free Wi-Fi, Electricity and most importantly water were among few of their promises.  As that is easier to say then to do, AAP has failed in one year.
AAP’s water policy goes notably against the poor and the lower middle class. Metered households with a family size greater than five members pay for all the water consumed as their usage is higher on a per household basis. In contrast, Delhi is proving ‘almost’ free water to rich people as it pays subsidy to those who can afford to pay more and need lesser amount of water on daily basis.
Kejriwal who had promised to provide free water to the people of Delhi had forgotten to include unauthorized colonies and jhuggi jhoppri. That clearly indicates – no free water to almost 50% of Delhi, as the money needed to upgrade infrastructure goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians or freebies.

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AAP Punjab | No CCTVs - Women of Delhi are unsafe

When there was an outcry against brutal murder and rape of Nirbhaya, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party’s National convener Arvind Kejriwal had promised to install 15 lakh CCTV cameras across the Capital city.  Delhi gang rape is still on people’s minds, with nothing changed even after two years of the incident. CCTV’s in the most crowded areas of Delhi are still missing, as Kejriwal is now least bothered about women and her safety.

Delhi’s deficit
Delhi has a lot of deficiencies when it comes to safety of women. According to the data of 2015-16 (till 14 February), since AAP came to power, there has been a stark rise in the incidents of rape and molestation. Almost 250 cases of Rape and more than 350 cases of molestations had been registered per month, only in Delhi. While the capital city’s crime graph continues to ascend, AAP government is yet to fulfill its promise and install 15, 00000 CCTV cameras.
AAP has failed
It’s been more than one year now that the AAP government is still not able to formulate a city-wide policy for acceptable certifications and getting security clearances. When would be tender floated, when would 15 lakh CCTV cameras get installed by AAP government?

  • No helpline No
  • No Punishment for offenders
AAP government just gained publicity by announcing a series of measures in past one year, but has failed on providing Helpline Number to the females travelling in the DTC buses. Anti-rape law that imposes stricter punishment for sex crimes does not get implemented after AAP had announced the same, they are the ones now who are protecting rapists.
Public transport is one of the critical spaces where sexual harassment takes place, so installation of CCTVs is essential in the buses. When a woman raises her voice against the person who tries to invade her personal space in a bus, nobody supports her. Indeed they face harassment and often suffered these experiences in silence as they feared retaliation.
Views of Women
Anuradha Grover, a Delhi teacher, confirms the trend, “Since my college days, I used to travel by DTC buses and have seen no change over the years. Generally, a student or young girl fails to deal with the harassment and if she decided to raise her voice against eve-teasing or molestation, there is no help forthcoming”.
No “do’s and Dont’s” work! I was given a long list by my mother when I started commuting by DTC buses in Delhi”, says Garima, who is just 25. “Even Metros don’t seem to be safe for women commuters”, she adds.

India’s Rape Capital – Delhi
Instead of improving the image of Capital city which is now-a-days being called “India’s Rape capital”, Kejriwal enjoys his leisure trips – first 10 days in Bengaluru and now 10 days in Punjab in the name of election campaign.
Kejriwal had also promised to deploy 10,000 Home Guards and Marshall’s for women security in buses. Not even a single Home Guard has been engaged for this task while many Nirbhaya’s continue to be molested in the absence of street lights and poor public transport in Delhi. Most vital thing is installation of those 15 lakh CCTV cameras that were promised by Kejriwal in his election manifesto.

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Thursday, 18 February 2016


AAP Punjab | Odd-Even formula Epic Fail

With lots of loopholes and faults in the plan, not welcomed with open-arms at all by the people of National Capital, the Odd-Even rule burst out publicly with social media like twitter and facebook, condemning the Aam Aadmi Party.
Much talked Delhi’s off-the charts pollution levels, that made people suffer – who could not breathe in its air, was never reduced with this Odd-even formula trial that lasted for good fifteen days. The formula could just raise money for AAP leaders through fines, challans, launching of website and nothing fruitful came up as a result to pollution levels. Delhi remained Polluted.
On one hand where experts disagree on whether the traffic restrictions during those 15 days in January reduced pollution in the city; the courts on the other hand pointed out the need for more public transport.

“Capital city not only witness pollution caused by vehicles running but through other polluting sources as well”

Exempted VehiclesList of vehicles which were exempted from the scheme was long and further fueled the fire among the residents, as it included: two-wheelers, CNG-driven and electric vehicles, women driving, vehicles providing emergency-medical, fire, prison, enforcement and Governors, President, Vice President , Chief Justice, Deputy Speaker & Speaker of Lok Sabha, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha and Prime Minister.

Experiment likely to return Another bogus promise of Kejriwal – a ‘better version’ of Odd-even scheme, with necessary ‘changes and precautions.’
“Once failed, Kejriwal is all set to yet fail again; as he comes up with his so-called ‘improved version’ of Odd-even scheme”

Will Delhi accept it?
Despite of metros and buses running across Delhi, its public transport often falls short. Not too many alternatives are left when an auto-rickshaw driver refuses to cover short distances. For working women who could not drive, radio taxies were the alternate which were even not safer at times. Will the people of Delhi accept the odd-even formula once again, when it urged them to get out of their comfort zone, leaving the hard-earned car in the garage and use public transport which is not at all convenient at the moment?

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AAP Punjab | Arvind Kejriwal, a man of U-turns

 Kejriwal Said: I promise not to promise any more.


A year ago, AAP supremo was campaigning with his ideal list of agendas in the national capital to contest Delhi elections second time.
Kejriwal’s AAP had drafted a long list of tasks to be performed after winning the elections. Finally, AAP succeeded in the elections by a landslide victory of 67 out of 70 seats.
Aam Admi Party government has been completing one year in this month and the promises they made before elections are far from reality.


Promises Vs Reality
  • He promised to attain “Swaraj”, means a self-governance where people would get the right to participate in the decision making. But, practically, at the time of decision making, kejriwal started acting like a dictator and expelled his old colleagues Prashant and Yogender when they criticised him for self-centric approach.
  • AAP had made several people-oriented promises in its manifesto like setting up 500 new schools and 20 new colleges. However, the aim could not be achieved by Kejriwal as the project required 2800 acres of land.
  • A free wi-fi throughtout Delhi but still the people are waiting for the free wi-fi in the capital.
  • Over 55,000 immediate vacant posts would be filled. The plan of Kejriwal failed to take off.
  • Kejriwal repeatedly said that AAP leaders and representatives would live as Aam Admi but after winning the elections,Kejriwal requested for allotment of two Bungalows.
  •  Kejriwal said he has 370 pageproof against Sheila Dixit and once his government comes to power, he will send her to jail within two days. After taking power he had lost all proofs.
  • Kejriwal had mentioned that party would protect common man from rising prices. In one year of Kejriwal’s term, VAT on petrol and diesel hiked two times. Power and water tariff rates also raised in the national capital.
  • Before elections he said the party would promote clean image politics. On the opposite, his law minister Jitender Tomar was arrested on the fake degree charges. Another cabinet minister of AAP government, Somnath Bhartiwas arrested on a domestic abuse case after his wife alleged he beat her for a long period.
  • Kejriwal said he is against VIP culturebut on camera he is seen with a big security and he also got Z security.
  • He promised that 900 new primary health centres would be built but the dream still remained in the manifesto only.
  • The vacant posts of 4000 doctors and 15000 paramedics are still not filled as promised by Kejriwal.

Kejriwal’s “rehashed”manifesto

When the “Aam Admi Party” had launched the manifesto of making Delhi a true Delhi, the political rivals had termed the manifesto as “Rehashed” document. Allegations were levelled against the AAP for misleading the people by the fake promises. At that time, Kejriwal had challenged the rivals that the vision of the party is clear and people centric. However, a year passed the promise is still a distant dream for the Delhi people.

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AAP Punjab | AAP Govt Revenge Politics - Arvind Kejriwal

What are the consequences of having multiple agencies providing same services but reporting to different ministries and department?

Answer is very clear – No Accountability. Same has been witnessed in the recent case of MCD workers holding strike, where only MCD workers were deprived of their salaries whereas salaries of Public Works Department (PWD), Delhi Jal Board and Central Public Works Department (CPWD) workers were released on a regular basis. 

It’s often said that too many cooks spoil the soup and it was proved in Delhi as there are number of civic agencies involved for sanitation as well as other public works. MCD got split into EDMC (East Delhi Municipal Corporation), NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation) and SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation). Employees of all the three departments’ not only seek transparency about various public works that they are engaged with but also urges for timely release of their dues.

Arvind Kejriwal, once known as a down-to-earth man of the people who did not hesitate in appearing on a national television in his trademark muffler around the neck, is now playing politics over the garbage being pile up across the city. At the times of crises, instead of supporting the municipal bodies, AAP government has not released their absolute funds. 

AAP does not hesitate while it spends a huge amount of money on lifting garbage on its own. An employee from MCD said with half of the money spent on the one-day exercise being carried by AAP government, two months salaries of MCD workers would have been paid. AAP has become reluctant in releasing the funds which could help in paying the employees on strike.

Rather in the name of revenge from BJP government, AAP leaders firstly strewn garbage across the city and then started their cleanliness drive, which was again proved as a photo-op.

  • Kejriwal who have failed to work in coordination and cooperation with the central agencies was held responsible for a “difficult situation” prevailing in the National Capital by the masses.
  • Kejriwal, who had always blamed others for unreasonable things and had made promises to the common men (which were impossible to fulfill), is now answerable to the people of Delhi.
  • Where are the 800,000 jobs, as promised by AAP government? Youth of Delhi is still without job.
  • Where is the free Wi-Fi?, another false promise made by Kejriwal to the people of Delhi.
Is AAP government taking workers for granted?
If the situation persists thousands of MCD workers would be seen carrying begging bowls in their hands to draw attention to their demands. Why did not Delhi government take any action against MCDs if they think there is a salary scam? Why AAP government is determined to complicate the situation and taking the MCD workers for granted when it is eyeing upon upcoming 2017 MCD elections? Why the salaries of Aam Aadmi Party legislators been raised by 400 times?

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016


AAP Punjab | Kejriwal’s U-turn on power waiver

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal in the run upto the assembly elections promised a complete revamp and sold his vision of Delhi as a World Class city and his 70-point actionplan. Kejriwal also made many tall promises, like he did in the 2013 Delhi Assembly Elections and seems had no time pondering over them.
Free water, electricity rates being halved, free wi-fi are some of the big promises the ‘Aam Aadmi in Muffler’ made. Little did the Delhiites realise that it was nothing but a repeat of ‘Pied Piper of Hamlin’. Only hours after AAP got the historic mandate in Delhi Assembly Elections, there were several announcements which made one feel like, ‘Is it a repeat of what happened a year ago?’

Yes, it may sound weird to test the government which has not even spent a week in office but then who had promised it all? Senior AAP leaders including Sanjay Singh, Yogendra Yadav and Manish Sisodia had given statements that are bigger u-turns than those allegedly taken by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government led by Narendra Modi in the Centre.
As AAP ideologue Yogendra Yadav says, in a democracy there is a gap between “what you say and what people hear”. We bring to you the five U-turns by Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP party leaders in last five days.

1. Electricity rates to be halved

During the Delhi Assembly Polls 2015 campaign, AAP leader-founder said that the electricity rates will be halved when they come to power. However in reality, senior leader Ashutosh said “I just want to make a request to the Prime Minister on behalf of the party that he should help us to make electricity affordable and cheaper because that will do lot of good to the people of Delhi.”

2. Free wi-fi

The biggest u-turn came in the form of free wi-fi being free wi-fi for only first 30 minutes. Even during that period there will be no access to YouTube, Facebook or your e-mail services if you connect to the so-called free wi-fi by Delhi government. Only government websites and other public services websites is what you’ll be able to access. Beyond the free 30 minutes you will have to shell out money from your pocket. What is not clear is will the consumer get 30 minutes free every day or is it just one time free usgae.

3. 500 schools to be built and lands available

In the electoral campaigns, Arvind Kejriwal said as many as 500 schools will be built in Delhi. The land required for the same will be taken care of. Kejriwal had said the land for the same will be given by villagers and farmers as donation. However, the U-turn here took place when Delhi’s Deputy CM Manish Sisodia after meeting Modi said if the Central government helps us meeting the land needs, we will built them.

4. Media then and now!

The party which was craving to have transparency in government’s working and policies has now banned media in the Delhi Secretariat. Facing tough questions from media, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia chose to run away, the same way Kejriwal did an year ago from a Janta Darbar’. Will media’s entry ban is what AAP promised?

5. 10,00,000 to 15,00,000 CCTV Cameras

We may as well say it again that it maybe too early to judge a government’s performance in office. However, the intent and the accountability are the factors that one looks upto. The dramatical 49-day government is well etched in public’s memory and maybe not too faraway but the overwhelming support in the assembly elections may give Kejriwal no excuse to run away this time.

Will Delhities who pressed the broom button on February 7 will end up with one by the end of this year? Watch this as space as we keep you update with the second stint of Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi!

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